Thanks to our rooted experience developed all over the world, and our knowledges on foreign wine markets, we found the necessity to exalt our own identity: The Italian Lifestyle.

We decided to give birth to our products of Fieramente. The Italian excellence of taste: a synergic union between the genuine and the aesthetic.



Italy is the cradle of taste, where landscape, tradition and passion for wines unite and triumph. From this belief stems our wines, made with selected grapes and shaped by the gift to believe in the harmony of our flavors. A dream come true that makes us proud to be Italians… and of Fieramente.

Fieramente offers the most typical and famous products of our lands, which are the Italian Red Still Wine, the Chianti Red Still Wine DOCG and the Vinsanto Dessert Still Wine.



Fieramente Rosso – Red Still Wine: Classic red wine. That has accompanied our ancestors at the table for centuries. A wine that embraces the simple meal, with the genuineness of the countryside, produced by Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, it’s great for pasta dishes and red meats.



Fieramente Chianti – Red Still Wine: Chianti is the greatest expression of Tuscanity. It’s one of the oldest Italian wines. Produced for centuries, with Sangiovese grapes. Which gives the wine a fruity blend and a ruby ​​red color. It’s great with cheese and grilled meats.



Fieramente VinSanto – Sweet Still Wine: it’s the most famous dessert wine in Tuscany. Made by Sangiovese grapes dried under the Tuscan sun for few months, prior to press them exactly on the 13th of December for Saint Lucia. Its taste, with some floral notes it’s perfect with cookies and dried cakes.